Professional Gutter Installation

Raymar Eavestrough, based in Holland, Michigan, has over 45 years of experience installing seamless gutters.  Gutters have several benefits in helping you defend your home against water:

  • Assists in keeping your foundation dry & stable
  • Protects exterior siding & masonry from water stains
  • Sidewalks and patios are less likely to settle or develop cracks
  • Protects Roof edge and fascia 
  • Reduces chance for hazardous mold in the attic or walls

In our opinion, seamless gutters are one of the most important investments of your home and has the potential to save you lots of repairs down the road.  Seamless gutters are exactly how they sound — “seamless”.   We build each section of your gutter to the exact measurement required and we do it onsite.  

Quality Installations

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Gutter Styles

k-style gutter installation

K-Style Gutters

K-Style Gutters closely mimick crown moldings and work well with any home style.  K-Style provides a flexible solution and comes in more than 50 colors today.  Aluminum seamless gutters come in 5″ and 6″ sizes.

Color Options?

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K-Style Comes in Over

White #180

Buckskin #841

Champagne #827

Pacific Blue #822

Ivy Green #821

Cranberry #820

Herringbone #819

Creme #817

Shale #810


Sand #793

Norwood #791

Coppertone #780

Wicker 712

Terratone #360

Ivory #901

Light Maple #355

Dark Bronze #339

If you don't see the extra color you need, please call.

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