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Gutter cleaning may be the most overlooked “to do” for homeowners and businesses.  Conventional wisdom suggests you wait until the last leaf falls from your neighbors tree and hopefully just before the first snow hits West Michigan.  

This task becomes harder the longer you wait and potentially can cost you thousands in repairs down the road.   Gutters simply don’t channel much water away from your house when they are full of debris.    There are several reasons you want to clean your gutters on a regular basis.   Here are just a few of the major ones:

Gutter Cleaning Q & A

We would suggest both in the spring and fall.   For fall, we could recommend you do it when 40-50% of the leaves have fallen, especially if you live in an area with mature trees.  At this point, you’ll already have some potential clogs developing and you want water to channel away from your home before winter temperatures arrive.

Yes and No.  Gutters do run right along the edge of your roof line and can be 20 feet from the ground on a two-story home.   Our crew is licensed / insured and use to working at these heights.   In addition, we’ll take the time to assess your gutter system and point out any issues which may cause additional issues down the road.

Yes.  We do charge a bit extra for this service as it does require extra time to really get some of the grim and grit off the gutters.  The outside of your gutters will also stay cleaner if you keep your gutters free of clogs with regular cleaning.    

Raymar Eavestrough performs gutter cleaning in Allegan, Grand Haven, Holland, Saugatuck, South Haven, Zeeland, and any community in West Michigan.  Best to book an appointment early.

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